Wat Tyler

Smithy: Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Tuck: Bass, Vocals
Sean: Drums, Vocals
Julie: Vocals
Duncan: Vocals
Mark: Piano
Norm and Sian: Vocals

Tyler, Wat d. 1381, English rebel, leader of the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381. After the Black Death of 1348–49 had killed much of England’s population, labor was scarce and wages rose. Parliament passed (1351) the Statute of Labourers to restrict wages, and nobles sought to hold their labor by enforcing old manorial rights. This bred discontent; rebellion broke out when the poll tax was increased (1380). Tyler and the rebels seized Canterbury, then marched to London, burning and plundering houses. RICHARD II came to meet Tyler and promised to abolish serfdom, feudal service, and market monopolies. A second meeting ended in a brawl in which Tyler was mortally wounded. The king’s promises were forgotten, and the revolt was harshly suppressed. (We’ve been using the internet to learn about history. Thank you online encyclopedia Britannica.)


L125 Tummy
Compact Disc

L084 I Wanna Be Billie Joe
7″ Vinyl