The Riverdales

Ben Foster: Guitar: Vocals
Dan Schafer: Bass, Vocals
Dan Sullivan: Drums, Backing Vocals

See Also: Screeching Weasel, The Mopes, Sludgeworth, Shotdowns

If you want to know where the RIVERDALES are coming from, check out what singer/guitarist Ben Foster had to say: “If you don’t think the RAMONES were the greatest band to ever walk the Earth, you are not a punk. You are not even close to a punk. You have no business being in a band, doing a fanzine, or showing your sorry face at a gig. If you place any band above the RAMONES, you are an idiot. I will be buying insurance from you come July.” Foster (a.k.a. Ben Weasel), has long been known one of the most opinionated, charming, maniacal, and cuddly people in punk rock. He and the other RIVERDALES, Dan Sullivan and Dan Schaefer, are all members of the classic band SCREECHING WEASEL, where the Dan’s are known as Panic and Vapid respectively. The Weasel influence is one thing that sets the RIVERDALES apart from the legions of RAMONES soundalikes; another is bassist Dan Schaefer, who writes and sings half the songs, and in doing so displays talents only hinted at in his Weasel incarnation. Check out his vocals on the sure to be classic “Back to you”, as well as Ben’s on the equally as beautiful “In your dreams”. The first RIVERDALES album was released in June 1996. It was produced by the band, Mass Giorgini, and Billie Joe Armstrong (GREEN DAY).


L120 The Riverdales
Compact Disc / 12″ Vinyl / Cassette
(May 1995)

L117 Back to You
7″ Vinyl
(April 1995)

L115 Fun Tonight
7″ Vinyl
(March 1995)