The Pattern

Chris – Vocals
Andy – Guitar
Jason – Guitar
Carson – Bass
Scott – Drums

See Also: The Cuts, Nuisance, The Pee Chees

Synchronize your Swatches: the time is now. On the mean, dusty streets of Oakland, down a lonely alley between liquor stores and rib joints, a hum is heard. Crackling and hissing, the amplifiers warm up, the public address system is tested, tested, tested, the snares rattle and the tom-tom rumbles. We’re in the clubhouse of The Pattern and the sonic implements are being readied to deliver a potent brew of punk soul boogie.
Just blocks from the courthouse steps where the Panthers once chanted “Off the Pigs!” the five converge to shape the new sound that has the West Coast talking. Barely a year old, The Pattern attack songs with a looseness and intensity that can only be attributed to their extensive collective experience in previous Bay Area outfits: Christopher (vocals), in The Peechees; Jason (guitar), in Saint James Infirmary; Carson (bass), in The Cutz; Scott (drums), in Heart Of Snow; and Andy (guitar) in Nuisance. A veritable super-group, these five fresh-faced and fashionable fellows are already attracting the attention of rock and roll fans everywhere for their super high energy live performances.
The Pattern IS Contemporary California. With a sweet, soulful sound vaguely reminiscent of British R&B and Beat– think Creation, Action, Eyes– combined with a healthy dose of energetic Motor City overdrive and washed down with the punk disaffection of Black Flag and Richard Hell. Heard it all before? Maybe, but never in such an appealing package. Something old, something new, something stolen, something blue… the classic recipe for all inspired rock’n’roll.
Constant practice and a rigorous calendar of live appearances have tempered their enjoyable electric sound, making these boys one of the most sought-after groups on the Bay Area dancehall circuit. Your record collection screams ‘yesterday’…. see The Pattern today.


L275 Lookout Freakout Episode 2
Compact Disc
(October 2001)

L276 Immediately
Compact Disc
(September 2001)