The Ne’er Do Wells

Jess: Bass
John: Guitar, Vocals
Chris: Guitar, Vocals
Al: Drums

See Also: The Hi-Fives, Brent’s TV, Judy and the Loadies

By 1992, John and Chris finished their days at Humboldt fronting the notorious party quartet THE NE’ER DO WELLS. Joined by ex-GREEN DAY drummer Al and bassist Jess (infamous for his innovative cassette-’zine Troop Librarian), they donned their grandpas’ suits and let fly with some of the most carefree, uninhibited rock ‘n’ roll music ever performed. Yes, this is the beginning of all that suit-wearing. THE NE’ER-DO-WELLS captured themselves on a 7″EP, Hello, It Is I, The Intolerable Bastard Child Genius and a split-CD release with JUDY AND THE LOADIES titled Gift of Knowledge. Never known for their lengthy attention spans (as a listen to any of their short and spastic ditties may prove), Chris, John, and Jess disbanded THE NE’ER DO WELLS by 1994 and spent their time in the surf instrumental band THEE SHATNERS (a tribute to Star Trek) before finally settling in the Bay Area to form the band we all now know and love: THE HI-FIVES.


L078 The Gift of Knowledge
Compact Disc

L067 Intolerable Bastard Child Genius
7″ Vinyl