The Go-Nuts

Kaptain Korn Nut – Super Hero, guitar, vox
Donut Prince – Super Hero, guitar , vox
Donut Hole – Bumbling sidekick, bass, roadie, servant
Korn Dog – Lazy sidekick, drums and that’s it

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Gorilla Revue. Think of it, friends. Four superheroes, strangely monikered, queerly attired, yet thoroughly dedicated to the healing power of sugar and grease. As for you newcomers, well, let’s just say, “THE GO-NUTS are your favorite band,” and move on. It would seem that Kap’n Kornut and the Donut Prince have been in a travelling frame of mind—you might even call them emissaries as they pledge “(Let’s Bring) Cheese to China,” spice things up with “Bombay,” and—we won’t give it away but as they ponder a plaintive portrait of “Mona Lisa,” they aren’t in a museum! Our superhero friends and their sidekicks the Corn Dog and the Donut Hole have always expressed a kind appreciation, nay, love for our furry friends. For are we not all snakkers, man and beast alike? Noblest of all beasts and dearest to the heart of all snak rockers is of course the gorilla. Word to the wise and those who would be snakkers: indeed “Cheetoe” is orange, and, in a manner of speaking, an ape. Yet he is not an orangutan. (Although he is repeatedly erroneously referred to as such by hacks less diligent than this scribe.) Get on the Nutwagon and join in on the snacking!


L275 Lookout Freakout Episode 2
Compact Disc
(October 2001)

L243 Dunk And Cover
Compact Disc / 12″ Vinyl
(August 2000)

L187 The Last Great Thing You Did
Compact Disc
(October 1997)

L178 Robert Earl Hughes
7″ Vinyl
(May 1997)