The Couch of Eureka

Sara Gambin: Bass, Vocals
Brandon Bay: Guitar, Vocals
Chris Colland: Microphones, other drums, bass
Brandon Taylor also played drums

Chris Colland of Couch sez: We are from Eureka! (duh). A burned-out industrial town on the coast of North California. We formed in the summer of ‘93 and since have been on many ‘93 and since have been on several small tours, had many personal crises, put out a few recordings, lost a drummer and gained his cousin, amongst other things. More recently we have added the suffix “Of Eureka” to the name Couch for several reasons. When we formed we needed a name to play shows and that’s as good as it got. Especially with the ever increasing list of one syllable bands, We soon realized we didn’t like the name. Helping us along with the name change was the band Couch from Ann Arbor Michigan with the same name threatening legal action upon seeing our debut 7”. TA MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT, NEITHER OF US HAD A COPYRIGHT ON THE NAME COUCH AND SINCE THEN COUCH OF ANN ARBOR have broken up and we changed our name anyway. Oh well…


L169 Heide Sez…
Compact Disc
(October 1996)

L142 Year of the Zombie
12″ Vinyl / Compact Disc
(June 1996)

L107 This Life?
7″ Vinyl

L100 Slice of Lemon
Double Compact Disc / Double 12″ Vinyl