The Avengers

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THE AVENGERS were one of the most exciting and arresting bands of the original San Francisco Punk Scene of the late 1970’s. Led by Penelope Houston on vocals, THE AVENGERS only lasted for two years, 1977 to 1978. In that short time, THE AVENGERS burned a lasting impression into the landscape of the punk scene from which they sprang, and ultimately took their place in the ongoing story of the great underground bands in music history. “Whether anyone outside of San Francisco realized it at the time, THE AVENGERS were a major national musical asset,” says the TROUSER PRESS. And indeed, who could be expected to realize it, when this classic group’s legacy has been represented on rare, unsanctioned and hard-to-find releases since their untimely demise in 1978.


L235 Lookout! Freakout
Compact Disc
(July 2000)

L217 …Died For Your Sins
Compact Disc / 12″ Vinyl
(February 1999)