Sweet Baby

Dallas: Vocals
Matt: Guitar, Vocals
Richie: Bass
Sergie: Drums
Aaron also played Drums
Ivy also played Bass

See Also: The Bomb Bassets, The Wynona Riders, Samiam

SWEET BABY, formerly THE SWEETBABYJESUS, began in 1986 at the behest of Dr. Frank who needed to organize some entertainment for his then-girlfriend’s eviction party. He even offered to play drums if his college pals Dallas and Matt would perform for the partygoers before his band THE MR. T EXPERIENCE played an acoustic set. Not once since their chance meeting in high school had Dallas and Matt shirked an unusual challenge. So they did it: songs were written; their friend “Crispy” Jim was recruited to play bass; with Dr. Frank on the snare drum, THE SWEETBABYJESUS had begun! And incredibly, it continued! Taking no heed of the hessians screaming “You suck!” during their first show, Dallas and Matt proceeded to churn out amazing music that would later define a well-known genre called “pop punk.” With an eventual name-change to SWEET BABY, the band was joined at one time or another by past and future members of SAMIAM, CRIMPSHRINE, THE WYNONA RIDERS and SOUP. Many people look to SWEET BABY as the band that should have been on everyone’s turntable, but fell victim to the tragedy that major labels can cause when your A&R dude gets a better job. Ah, well. The music and the singing are, well, incredible! When all is said and done; when the last votes are tallied; when you are forced really to decide for that “desert island” scenario—SWEET BABY is the band that produced one of the best records of all time.


L011 The Thing That Ate Floyd

L169 Heide Sez…
Compact Disc
(October 1996)

L157 It’s A Girl
Compact Disc
(August 1996)

L102 Hello Again
Compact Disc
(June 1996)