Flav Giogini: Guitar
Mass Giogini: Bass
Matt hart: Vocals
Dan Lumley: Drums

See Also: The Potatomen, Screeching Weasel, Common Rider

It’s not easy being the first punk rock band in a backwater midwestern town, and even though Lafayette, Indiana is a relative oasis of civilization out there in the corn belt, it took a long time for brothers Mass and Flav Giorgini and their punk rock boyhood playmates, Dan Lumley and Matt Hart, to break through to a national audience. Their first band, Rattail Grenadier, built up a healthy following, but it never extended too far beyond the midwest. Now, with a new lead singer and reincarnated as Squirtgun, their shimmering and sparkly pop punk tunes are being heard all across America. One hook-laden epic, “Social”, will grace the sound track of the recent movie “Mall Rats”, and that song plus 11 more make up Squirtgun’s first full length release. Bassist Mass Giorgini had already achieved a sort of punk rock stardom by proxy, having produced and/or engineered many classic records at his Sonic Iguana studio in lovely downtown Lafayette. Among the artists who’ve come there to shock the local bourgeoisie while rewriting punk rock history have been the Riverdales, the Queers, Screeching Weasel, Born Against, the Potatomen, Cub, the Smoking Popes, and many more. Needless to say, when it came time for Squirtgun to take its own step into the limelight, they didn’t need to look far for a recording studio: with Mass at the helm, the band themselves produced every track of the new LP, making it truly a DIY effort in every sense of the word. Squirtgun were just about to take their proverbial show upon the road when tragedy struck. The Giorgini brothers’ father, Aldo Giorgini, a distinguished Purdue professor and internationally known artist, fell victim to what was to prove a fatal brain tumor. Mass and Flav immediately put the band on hold and spent the last year of their father’s life caring for him. Professor Giorgini was himself a legendary figure in the punk rock scene, having befriended and encouraged numerous young bands over the years. He was a regular attendee at shows put on by his sons’ first band, and if there’s a downside to the success now being enjoyed by Squirtgun, it’s only that Aldo can’t be there to see it.


L275 Lookout Freakout Episode 2
Compact Disc
(October 2001)

L235 Lookout! Freakout
Compact Disc
(July 2000)

L215 Forward Till Death
Compact Disc
(January 1999)

L218 Turn On, Tune In, Lookout
A collection of all the Lookout videos along with a few live performances – 19 videos in all! NTSC (American format) Video Cassette.
(January 1998)

L187 The Last Great Thing You Did
Compact Disc
(October 1997)

L154 More Bounce to the Ounce
Double Compact Disc / Double 12″ Vinyl
(June 1997)

L167 Another Sunny Afternoon
Compact Disc / 12″ Vinyl
(February 1997)

L169 Heide Sez…
Compact Disc
(October 1996)

L164 Mary Ann
7″ Vinyl / Compact Disc
(October 1996)

L139 Winter Compilation
Compact Disc
(January 1996)

L128 Squirtgun
Compact Disc / 12″ Vinyl / Cassette

L118 Shenanigans
7″ Vinyl / Compact Disc

L219 PAL Turn On, Tune In, Lookout
A collection of all the Lookout videos along with a few live performances – 19 videos in all! PAL (European format) Video Casette.
(August 1998)