Go Sailor

Paul: Bass
Rose: Guitar, Vocals
Amy: Drums

See Also: Crimpshrine, The Delightful Little Nothings

There is something magical about GO SAILOR that makes you want to describe their efforts, perhaps inaccurately, in simple terms. They write songs. They play songs. They sing songs. That’s just what it’s like: basic and beautiful. The songs themselves, however, are not at all simple. They just sound so damn honest, so pure, that they resonate with those simple ideas. Some measure of this effect can be attributed to the people who create it; Rose sings beautifully and stirs a charming guitar, while Amy’s skillfully dynamic and textured drumming strolls and skips hand in hand with the bounce of Paul’s electric bass lines. (By the by, Rose used to sing and play in TIGER TRAP, Paul beat the bass in the last days of CRIMPSHRINE, and Amy stitched up the drums for HENRY’S DRESS.) But GO SAILOR is much more than the simple sum of its parts. A creative emergence indeed! Just lend an ear to the song “Ray Of Sunshine” (contained in both releases) and see if you can dispute the proclamation that it is one of the ten best pop songs of all time, no kidding!


L169 Heide Sez…
Compact Disc
(October 1996)

L153 Go Sailor
Compact Disc
(August 1996)

L137 Don’t Go
7″ Vinyl
(March 1996)

L100 Slice of Lemon
Double Compact Disc / Double 12″ Vinyl