Cleveland Bound Death Sentence

Spitball:”Just” Guitar
Emily: Guitar + Vocals
St. Patrick: Bass + Vocals
Aaron: Drums + Vocals

See Also: Crimpshrine, Pinhead Gunpowder

Aaron was stuck in a rut, Paddy was stuck in depression, Emily was stuck in Madison, and Spitball was trying to unstick his house from the hands of the Minneapolis Housing Authority. I’m stuck, you’re stuck, let’s get stuck together.

Let’s face it, all good music is is a hook, meaningful lyrics, and a genuine want to play them. The said four had all three. Aaron made the initial call, Paddy made the subsequent calls and figured out how to fix his bass with cardboard and duct tape. Emily figured out riffs Aaron hummed to her and none of them ever figured out Spitball.

Spitball couldn’t get his guitar to turn up, Paddy tried spinning on his head and almost broke his neck, and Aaron leapt off the kick drum, gang-tackling the whole band, bringing the show to its end. It was 3 in the morning when everyone finally left, covered in beer and grinning.

This Lookout CD contains both 7″s plus extra songs from various compilations. I wish I could say it represents a period of time or something, what it really represents is an attitude. The riffs, the lyrics, the recording, the layout, and the production were all done by the band themselves. The band obviously had a good time doing this, tons of people have obviously had a good time listening to the 7″s, so what else do you need to know?

Oh yeah, various people on this have something to do with THE SALTEENS, PINHEAD GUNPOWDER, DILLINGER FOUR, CRIMPSHRINE and fighting cops, but this band is Cleveland Bound god damn Death Sentence. That’s the name, be sure to wear it out.


L235 Lookout! Freakout
Compact Disc
(July 2000)

L224 Cleveland Bound Death Sentence
Compact Disc
(June 1999)