Brent’s TV

John Denery: Vocals, Guitar
Virgil Shaw: Vocals, Guitar
Chris Imlay: Vocals, Guitar
John Quittner: Bass
Brian Keeny: Drums

See Also: The Hi-Fives, The Ne’er Do Wells, Judy and the Loadies, The Bomb Bassets

Way back in 1988, on the wet ‘n’ cold coast of Northern California, two bright college kids (we’ll call them “John” and “Chris”) formed a band to keep the pressures of their studies from driving them insane. Hence, an incredible combo called BRENTS T.V. was born. Their ramshackle approach to rudimentary rock ‘n’ roll and the jamboree-like shows at the local laundromat made BRENT’ST.V. a much-needed ray of sunshine in the dreary surroundings. A laundromat-only tour of the Northwest ensued, including a hook-up with a young line-up of GREEN DAY. For years, BRENT’S T.V.s only recorded output was an obscure seven-song EP showcasing the group’s simple-yet-brilliant approach to pop and rock ‘n’ roll music. Like all things too great to last, the plug was soon pulled on BRENT’S T.V.; John and Chris fooled around in other groups such as JUDY AND THE LOADIES and THE DUKES OF BURL.


L169 Heide Sez…
Compact Disc
(October 1996)

L102 Hello Again
Compact Disc
(June 1996)

L044 Can of Pork

L036 Lumberjack Days
7″ Vinyl