#44 Various – “Can Of Pork”

January 1992

CD / 2xLP

Track List
01 Bad Trip By Pounded Clown
02 Trinidad By Brent’s TV
04 Evolution By Engage
05 Redneck Woman from Planet Mars By Horny Mormons
06 Gotta Get a Job By One Man Running
07 Kick Me In the Head By The Lookouts
08 Void By Anger Means
09 Piano Song From Hell By Krupted Peasant Farmers
10 Whiners By Preachers That Lie
11 Sidetrack By Porcelain Boys
12 Hole By Drippy Drawers
13 End By Lagwagon
14 Martian By Los Rudiments
15 The Future By Rice
16 Learning How to Smile By Blatz
17 Parents Are Really Weird By Jack Acid
18 17 Reasons By Fifteen
19 College Town By Juke
21 Berthe By The Vagrants
22 Benicia By the Bay By Pinhead Gunpowder
23 North Berkeley By Downfall
24 Break By The Wynona Riders
25 Dysfunction By Spitboy
26 Why Quit By Good Grief
27 Other Day By Freefall
28 Two By Sawhorse
29 Vive la France By The Mr. T Experience